Sunday, 26 February 2012

Second Hand Buys - Swapping clothes

I missed out on blogging about anything Second Hand last week, had a few days away from the laptop. Though wouldn't of had much to say, the only thing I remember purchasing second hand was the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie which pleased my little SpongeBob fan and I was pleased with the fact it was still in it's wrapping and only cost £1.99.

Never got round to sharing the bargain which was my Marks & Spencer's maternity jeans, most likely because they've only just started to fit me (that picture was taken about 15 weeks ago, just in case you thought it was a recent bump photo!) I got them off eBay for the bargain price of 99p. Big yay at that price, and I would imagine I might get a few quid more when it comes to selling them back on. These gave me my idea for this week's post about second hand clothes.

Of course you have eBay where you can buy clothes but how about swapping clothes? I had a phrase for a while where I promised myself I wouldn't spend any money on any clothes at all, that included sale clothes. But I'm a woman, I enjoy clothes shopping and I found myself a great way around this self imposed rule. It was swapping clothes that I no longer wanted or that no longer fit me for clothes that I did like and that did fit me.

Big Wardrobe was the place I found for this. It's free to sign up and pretty straight forward to use, you upload photos and descriptions of your items and then sit back and wait for people to suggest swaps with you. Or like I did, go on the browse for clothes/accessories that you like yourself and then let the user of that item know that you're interested and see if they fancy swapping it for anything in your 'wardrobe'. I've got some great stuff from this site in the past, my favourite being the dress I wore for Oli's Christening. It was advertised as a bridesmaid dress that had only been worn once and it was from Next, it was a gorgeous cream coloured dress that was perfect for the occasion. So gutted I cant find my photo album to share a picture of it, that's my fault for still having boxes that need to be unpacked from the house move.

The term for it apparently is swishing and you can find lots more websites like it by simply searching this term on google. More similar websites to Big Wardrobe is and Posh Swaps. Though if you're looking for a second hand clothes site like eBay but without the bidding why not check out ASOS new marketplace where you can buy and sell new, pre-owned and vintage fashion.