Wednesday, 15 February 2012


The lovely guys at Hexbug were rather bugged to see that I was admitted to hospita
l the other week so sent me a lovely little parcel to make me smile. I have a toddler who is crazy about these little buzzing bugs ever since he stayed at Glowstars house and played with TB's collection of Hexbugs. So you can imagine who was smiling when they received a couple of them in the post. Now Hexbug is unsuitable for children under the age of 3. So I cant do a review of them but of course I can tell you as a blogger how much my son loves this particular brand of toy.

When it comes to toy suitability, I think you know your child better then anyone. We actually plan on buying Oli the Nano Habitat Set for his 3rd birthday in April for him to keep all his Hexbugs in and somewhere for him to play with them. Should keep him amused whilst we're dealing with the arrival of his new baby brother.
They were kind enough to send him me a Larva bug, which I think had Daddy more fascinated. It has a little inbuilt sensor which makes it change direction in reaction to physical obstacles in its path. Oli find the moving tail hilarious and has just watched it move around constantly with his other Hexbugs.

Thanks Hexbug for putting a smile on our faces.

Love Emma & Oli x