Friday, 25 May 2012

The MADs - I'm a Best Pregnancy Blog finalist

I am soooooooo late with this blog post, I should of probably made it my priority blog post to write this after coming out of hospital. Apparently some you enjoyed my pregnancy blog posts so much that you nominated me for Best Pregnancy Blog over in The MADs which is celebrating the UK's best Mum and Dad Blogs and I got through to the finals. I guess my job now is to ask you to vote for me (bribes you with cakebut only if you want too!) one more time in the finals. Here's a full list of the finalists here in case you wanted to know who else got through.

If you want to vote for me then clicking on The MADs logo below will take you straight to the voting form.

BIG thank you to anyone who voted me, it really cheered me up hearing that I had got through whilst being in hospital with Dylan. It's only just hit me that I've got through, I guess I better start frock hunting for the award ceremony.