Tuesday, 1 May 2012

LEGO Duplo Creative Sorter

We've blogged before about being LEGO Duplo Experts before and how this means we get sent fun LEGO Duplo products to play with and then blog about what we thought about them. We can be as honest as we like because they want to know and want us to let you know our honest thoughts on the products. We've not found any fault with any of the LEGO Duplo we've received to date and this applies to the latest product we've got sent - the LEGO Duplo Creative Sorter.

When we first learnt this was what we were going to be getting I wondered if it was actually worth it's cost. But obviously I'm not a toddler with a avid imagination, it wasn't just a few bits of LEGO Duplo but a box full of fun. It comes with pieces of Duplo to build up 3 different animals as well as a tree, to help build these animals it includes 3 sorting plates which match the colours of the animals it helps your child to build. I actually think this is a genius idea, all of Oli's other Duplo kits I'm often finding myself building for him whilst he's still learning to understand the instructions and how to follow them.

That's not the case with the creative sorter, this is one
kit which he can all solo with by using the plates to help him build them up himself. I like that this teaches him both self independence and how to use his own skills and hands to build something buy himself without needing to ask for help. Bonus to the Creative Sorter is that it comes in a handy storage box with the building plates doubling up as a lid for it. Ideal first LEGO Duplo kit for your 18month+ old as well being handy for the older children who want something different then the other LEGO Duplo products available.

BIG thumbs up from us for the Creative Sorter, we got lots of play from it and still continue to now a couple of months on from receiving it. Even though the Duplo pieces are mixed in with the rest of his Duplo, Oli still knows what pieces he needs to build the animals thanks to the sorting plates.