Friday, 4 May 2012

Apparently my overdue baby is more likely to suffer ADHD

So last night was a bad night, the frustration had really kicked in. I thought for a hour that something was happening, I had woken from a nap and was cramping and I thought this was the start. Turned out not to be, it was like taking being teased to the extreme. I'm still patient, I'm not spending every minute trying to get baby out. Though have been trying to give him a helping hand. Once I had put Oli to bed I went into extreme tidy mode, was scrubbing everything in sight as well as ironing my bed sheets - something I never do. I even got through a couple loads of washing. Pretty sure I was really starting to freak the man out, he just stayed quiet and made tea for us and went off to bed to get out of my way.

I went to bed after finally giving into the sleepiness and the fact I couldn't move my bottom anymore, I think this was my bodies way of telling me that I had done too much and that I was to go and rest. Of course I was still still restless so turned to my phone for some company, I usually find that reading the news sends me to sleep. I shouldn't of read this one story though, it just filled me with anger. Anyone that knows me/my blog knows that I hate those stupid little studies, you know the ones 'if your child likes blue, he's likely to be obese later in life.' yeah those kind. This new story caught my eye as it was talking about overdue babies, oh and look who just happens to be overdue.

Apparently because my baby skipped over that 42 (mine hasn't yet!) week mark it means that he is going to develop ADHD in early life. Please say I'm not the only one who couldn't help but just to simply just roll my eyes at this?