Thursday, 17 May 2012


Anyone who's read my blog in the past knows that I'm a big fan of anything secondhand, this includes selling secondhand goods. Especially when it comes to using the Internet to either buy and sell stuff you no longer need. I seem to always have a box of stuff gathering dust which could be turned into ££, why should I leave it laying around when it's never going to be used again. I know between me and the man that we have a few boxes of old CDs and old games from consoles that we no longer use that are just sat in the garage.

This is where a website like musicMagpie could be handy, not only can you sell CDs but you can also sell games online with musicMagpie. It's so simple to use, simply just enter the barcodes of your CD's, DVDs or Games or if you have a ipad/ipod/iphone then you just enter the name or model and they will tell you how much they are worth. You can even use your iphone or webcam to scan in barcodes.

I like the fact you can sell unwanted DVDs because I'm planning on having a good sort through ours as it seems that my house is being overtaken by them, it's either those or the toys but I don't think my toddler would be too happy with that choice. I also love the fact that musicMagpie is a free service to use, this even includes sending your items off to them for free.

The website is simple to use and clearly gives you all the vital information you need to know, right there on the homepage. You have three options when it comes to payment, you can either choose to receive to get paid by cheque, e-voucher of even donate the money you make to charity. If you're having a good clear out then why not consider using musicMagpie and turning those unused items items into cash.

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