Friday, 25 May 2012

How to make a foam bookmark

It takes some imagination and sometimes nimble fingers to keep the kids amused on a rainy day. Here is a simple craft piece that will not be difficult for you, and will keep them occupied making a fun little foam bookmark. Starting with simple pieces, their creativity will blossom they will learn manual dexterity and how to keep themselves amused with relatively little materials.

Below is a great tutorial provided by cutfoam who offer foam cut to any size.

You will need
Coloured lolly sticks
Different coloured foam

Step 1

Glue two lolly sticks together along the long edges to make wide and allow them to dry.

Step 2

Cut out some foam shapes – hearts in this instance – to decorate your bookmark. Use as many and make the shapes as colourful as you like.

Step 3

When the sticks have dried completely and are firmly stuck together, glue the hearts, or other shapes onto your sticks and allow to dry thoroughly. It’s now ready to use in your child’s favourite bedtime book!

This tutorial was brought to you by Cutfoam, the cushion foam experts

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