Monday, 21 May 2012

Hands full

So I'm currently in the midst of juggling a newborn, a toddler, work, housework and some sense of me time. It's been a long/weird week since coming out of hospital, I've finally adjusted to being back home and starting life as a family of 4. I have so much I want to share via blog posts, lots of posts keep coming up in my head especially in the middle of the night come feeding time. My phone has so many post ideas jotted down that I'm wondering if they will ever get written. I also promise lots of adorable newborn photos soon, that phone of mine really has been on overdrive.

We're all doing good, Dylan is perfectly healthy now. Though I wish the same could be said for me, I'm waiting on a doctors appointment to see if I've developed mastitis. I had the worst night the night before last where I couldn't stop shivering and I felt like I had the worst flu ever, on top have burning pain in my boobs. It's all settled down now but I guess it's better just to get checked over. Other then that feeding is going well, though I have so many questions and things to learn still about breastfeeding. I'm also in agony with wisdom tooth pain

Today's our last day with the midwives, they asked me last time they visited if we wanted to be discharged from them but I choose to have one more visit. It's been really nice getting to know and having the community midwives to chat with over the last several weeks, it's thanks to them I had the perfect home birth I wanted and the fact that I was ready for it by hearing what they had to say and having them answer all our questions. Dylan's doing well with his weight, he put on last time which was fab news. Hoping today he will have either returned or gone past his birth weight.

I feel like a first time mother again, trying to remember everything from how to hold him to adjusting to the night time wake ups. My head has been in toddler mode for too long, having to tell it it to adjust to newborn mode - though these newborn nappies are helping to remind me.