Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Discharged from the midwife

I mentioned yesterday (hands full) that we were having our last midwife appointment. I was really pleased to open the door to the midwife that delivered Dylan, she's been the midwife we've seen the regular out of all of our community midwives. It really has been great to of built a relationship with someone who you've done the business of bringing a baby into the world with. My midwife experience this time around has been so much more pleasant, I don't know if it was because I had a home birth which made the difference or that it was just luck that I'm in the right area. This is one area of the NHS I cant fault, to think about all that help and support I've received from them. I count my blessings that I have access to this and for free.

We had a chat about my breastfeeding and my boobs, she doesn't think I have mastitis as my boobs would of had red patches on them. Have to admit they were feeling much better as well as me and I think the expressing that I did as well as the massaging may of helped them. I really am on edge at the moment when it comes to my boobs, It's not a nice feeling being unsure about your body. I discovered stretch marks on them this morning, queue major freak out. This is coming from the woman who got called the ironing board at school because of how flat her chest was. Now boom, here I am with boobs. They've changed so much that I cant even fit into any of my old hoodies despite not having a bump anymore.

She confirmed that Dylan had put on weight and that he was doing perfectly ok, she then took away our paperwork which I wish I had secretly photocopied/took pictures of now as it contained all the little updates from when were into hospital until yesterday. The fact that someone wrote in my notes whilst in hospital 'was told to get out of the room' actually makes me giggle. I'm certain the only person I said this too was the horrid food lady and the photo lady who repeatedly kept coming in and saying 'oh you're still here'.

I was sad to say bye to her, it's not like I'm going to be seeing her anytime soon. Any thoughts of a third have completely disappeared at the moment after that not so pleasant pregnancy and the fact I'm enjoying having a newborn and not so enjoyable night time feeds. It did make it real for me that my pregnancy is over now and that I'm moving on to the next stage. Now that we're discharged from the midwives we're over to the health visitor now for the next couple of weeks, she's the same health visitor I had with Oli so it's another familiar face for us. We have our first appointment with her the end of this week where she'll be doing his hearing test as well as weighing him again.