Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Birthday Bonanza

We had double celebrations last month with two birthdays, the toddler decided to grow up on me and turn 3 whilst the next day the man decided to have a birthday too. Thankfully this one decided not to give me 3 in a row by coming the next day. What I remember about these few days celebrating those birthdays was lots of cake, lots and lots of cake. It turns out that having birthdays so close together has it's advantages. We kicked off the birthday celebrations with a birthday buffet at the in laws, this please this pregnant woman lots. If only every day you could eat birthday buffets. Oli and the man had a joint caterpillar cake which was rather sweet, I remember the man joking with his mother just the day before that he wanted a caterpillar cake.

Daddy put all his presents on the sofa for him to come down too and blew up lots of funny looking balloons to place around them. He was so excited about this and see as we had left it to silly o'clock the night before to actually wrap his presents I just left him to it. Was worth it though in the morning when we were greeted with WOW. WOW.WOW. Most of his presents from the family and a couple from us were outdoor toys, we didn't really think that through probably when you consider the fact it's rained pretty much everyday since his birthday.

Though to be fair I think his favorite
present from us was the little hexbug stadium thingy that we got him for his little bugs. He spent pretty much of the day playing with that and it's been played with often ever since, brownie points for us. We went to Frankie & Benny's that evening where we had more cake.

The man's birthday the next day involved even more cake and his presents consisted pretty much of chocolate and clothes. Not like he got to see, let alone eat any of that chocolate with me and Oli around. It was really nice to spend these days not thinking about pregnancy stuff and just celebrate these birthdays as a family of 3 for the last time.