Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The British Coffee Association

It's one of those things you get told when pregnant - either cut out or cut down on caffeine. You're recommended to limit your intake to no more then 200mg per day from all sources which includes tea, coffee, cola and chocolate.

The British Coffee Association
sent me some goodies (
dangerous of them to send me that coffee flavoured candle whilst pregnant, the man often had to confiscate it from me in fear of me eating it!) along with some interesting facts about coffee. Want to hear some?

  • For the average coffee consumer, when it's consumed in moderation (4-5 cups a day) coffee is safe and can form part of a balanced diet.
  • Research has shown that caffeine, the main ingredient of coffee, is a mild stimulant and can therefore improve alertness levels and increase both mental and physical performance.
  • One in five people wrongly believe that coffee increases stress levels, but in fact there is little evidence to suggest that moderate coffee consumption is linked with an increase in stress or anxiety.
  • A mug of black coffee contains only 4 calories and 0.1g fat - great news for those of us trying to fit back into our pre-pregnancy jeans,

You can find The British Coffee Association over on and can chat about all things coffee and there facebook group .