Thursday, 16 September 2010

10 Reasons why I’m a Crap Mum

Hello *waves* I’m Carol I write over a New Mummy and New Mummy’s Tips and I’m your guest blogger for the day while the lovely Emma and family are on their holibobs. I have one daughter who is 21 months old who I call Baby Girl (BG) and I live with my other half (OH) in Lincolnshire.

I have come to the realisation recently that I’m not the perfect mother, far from it, actually I’m rather crap at it sometimes. A while ago I write a post called 5 Reasons I’m Going to Hell, so I thought I list the 10 reasons I’m a crap mum.

  1. Even after 21 months I still can’t put a nappy on properly, it always looks wonky.

  2. I don’t brush BG’s hair (or comb it), it’s quite curly so when its wet I run my finger through to separate the curls, she doesn’t get knots

  3. This one is really bad *whispers* I still haven’t taken BG to the dentist

  4. Sometimes I give BG chocolate, cakes, biscuits, jam or even some of a well known hazelnut spread that contains coco as a treat. Actually I give it to her so she doesn’t steal mine

  5. I sometimes snap at BG, I don’t mean to and I don’t want to be a shouty parent but sometimes it just slips out

  6. As soon as she dropped her night feeds I stopped hearing her cry in the night, I think it’s mainly because I know OH will get up to her so I let him. They only time I hear her now is when OH is on an early shift and I know I have to get up with her.

  7. I haven’t taken her swimming yet

  8. I don’t iron her clothes (I don’t Iron any clothes in all fairness)

  9. Some days I threaten to sell her to the gypsy’s. I had a conversation with my younger sister recently and she said she says the same to her daughter so we think our Mother used to threaten us with the same thing.

  10. I don’t do organised activities with BG, we’re a bit adhoc in the house except for our toddler groups. It all depends on what mood we are in and how much I can be bothered

To be honest it was only supposed to be 5 reasons but once I started listing them I couldn’t stop, there was actually a lot me but I thought I’d stop at 10!

Please tell me I’m not the only one!!