Thursday, 30 September 2010

Whatever happened to manners?

I'm a polite person , I'm not bragging but I'm proud to say I have manners and I certainly know how to use them.

When somebody does something for me , I say
thank you.

When somebody asks if I would like something and I don't want it , I say no
thank you.

If I bump into someone , I say

If I ask someone for something , I say

If someone asks for help , then I

These little words do not cost anything to use and they only take a few seconds to say , so why don't people use them?

I got locked out of the house a couple of weeks back , I only had the back door key on me but the gate to our garden was locked. I had Oli with me in his pram and no battery on the mobile, I did attempt to open it but I couldn't quite reach over to do the bolt. Not many of my neighbours are in during the day so couldn't ask one of the familiar ones to help.
Someone a few doors down pulled in to his drive and got out the car , so I shouted over if he could
help me. He said no , I was so taken back by his bluntness. I could of needed help for anything , he didn't know that all I needed was a tall man to reach over. It would of took just a few seconds to pop over and help me but he didn't. I grabbed the dustbin and climbed on it and jumped over the fence , I don't recommend doing it in uggs and skirt. It is unsightly and hurts!

Helping people should come naturally , I always try to
help when asked and even try to offer it when I see its needed. I'm still feeling guilty from the other day , we went past a woman in her wheelchair in Tesco's and I saw her browsing the tops shelves and not offering to see if she wanted some help. The only thing that stopped me was a crying boy fighting to get out of his pram and a man moaning that he was hungry. I know she probably would of asked for it if she needed some but wouldn't it of been polite of me to offer to help?

Good manners are something which are needed and used on a daily basis , the other half knows he gets nothing from me unless he says
please or thank you and we're trying to teach Oli the same thing, he may not quite understand but using the words please and thank you now might help him later on.

I would ask if manners are something you learn from your parents , but mine are some of the
Align Leftrudest kind of people you could meet. I didn't grow up in a house full of manners , I grew up in a house full of unkindness and swear words.
I learnt for myself that manners are something that get you everywhere and anywhere in life. You wouldn't know I was related to them if you compared the way we speak.

I will try my best to teach my son manners , but like me I hope he learns for himself how important and nice it is to have the right set of manners.