Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The lovely people at heard that I was having a wardrobe crisis over what to wear for The MADs so they kindly let me choose a dress from there fabulous online dress section.

So what did I think about my experience? Well the Very website was really easy to navigate around , I could clearly see dresses by prices and style as well as clear description of each dress. I also like the fact it has real reviews which you can read about you chosen product , to me seeing real reviews like that plays a big influence on if I was to buy it or not.
When you add items to your basket you can clearly see where they are , you can continue on to pay or carry on shopping and add more stuff to your basket.
I was impressed with the delivery , a couple of days later I was in possession of the perfect going out dress.

The dress I chose was the South Sparkle Dress.

The dress was a good fit (couldn't help but to think if my boobs were a little bigger I could of filled the top section a little more) . The material was quite comfy and it wasn't as short as what the picture makes out. You also get a belt which adds something extra to the dress.

I teamed it up with some 'bow' tights.

The size for the tights was one size fit all (UK 8-16) I struggled to get these on and I'm a size 12. I'm not sure if I have longer legs then most people but I ripped one pair trying to get them on, it is a 2 pack so I did have a back up pair.
They are a lovely pattern though and worth the £10 to add glam to your outfit.

I had another wardrobe crisis when I was actually at butlins , I managed to make the silly mistake of packing it in the same compartment as my shampoo. So didn't get chance to wear it but that's ok because it means I have something to wear out for my birthday this weekend.

Very also do a fantastic range of going out tops which the gorgeous Vic & Carol are modeling here

and also a wide range of Maxi Dresses which I know is the current fashion.

Totally recommend for whatever occasion and for any budget!