Friday, 3 September 2010

Just Call Me Bob... Bob The Builder...

Apparently us Mum's do the jobs of 23 professionals according to the Express and this is one newspaper article I don't disagree with. I would say I did at least 5 before breakfast this morning. I remember blogging before about all the different roles we take on as Mother's.

It's true though isn't it, us full time Mother's work a 12 hour day everyday. That's 7am to 7pm of keeping the children happy and entertained and completing our never ending lists.

I used to feel ashamed when asked what do I do for a living and I responded that I'm a stay at home Mother , I didn't want them to think that meant I was a lazy person who stayed at home. Before I became a Mother I would of shrugged it off as a easy job , after all the only job you have is to look after child and home. How wrong I was, I would say I'm just as tired running around after a toddler as I would be chasing up a client. It may be poor pay and the jobs may be endless but the rewards are great.
A survey said that 'Six in 10 of those surveyed wished their partner would help out more.' Do you wish yours helped out more with the everyday tasks? We are cooks , cleaners , builders , entertainers , gardeners , decorators , hairdressers , first aiders and teachers (Just a shame we don't get all the wages for all of it!)

The article didn't mention all the jobs of the 23 professionals.. I've came up with a few of what they could be myself but what do you think the others could be?