Friday, 24 September 2010

Citroen DS3

Citroen sent us a rather funky yellow Citroen DS3 sport for the week of the MADs so that we could try it out and share what we really thought about it. I'm going to bring you my views on the car as a passenger.

I've never been a fan of 3 door cars and that's been even more so since Oli came along, maybe it's just the lazy side of me which just doesn't pulling seats forward to allow someone to get in the back. When the other half told me that the DS3 was a 3 door , I sighed. The thought of trying to squeeze a toddler that doesn't like being put in his car seat is my idea of a nightmare.

I was wrong. Seeing as we were taking Oli with us down to Butlins in Bognor Regis , putting the carseat in was one of the first tasks for us. The front seat easily glided forward allowing me plenty of room to fit both the seat and put Oli into it.

I noticed more safety features whilst fitting the seat such as air bags left , right & center. 2 rear isofix child seat anchorage points which impressed me as it's not yet mandatory for cars to have isofix points built in but the DS3 had them , this make life so much easier for parents with isofix car seats as it will just plug straight into the isofix points.
The car gives you a audio/visual warning for unfastened seat belts which I can see be a handy feature with older kids that you rely on to do there own seat belt.

The car has automatic door and boot locking (when in motion) and automatic re-locking after 30 seconds. Transponder immobiliser and lockable fuel cap. The D sport also has the
security feature of a anti-theft alarm.

We put it through the drive-through-McDonald's test (any excuse!) which we both got meals which came with drinks, so we looked for
storage holders and found some in the door passenger pockets. For me this was less unsightly then having one just sticking out from the dashboard somewhere. See door bottle-holder gets big thumbs up from me. As well as storage pockets in all the doors , there's also a handy boot net for your bits & bobs.

I would of happily traded in our car any day for the
comfort of the DS3. It came with digital air conditioning , electric front windows , scented air freshener and the seating was just pure luxury. As a mother to a messy toddler I was impressed at how easy the material was to clean. My passenger seat was height adjustable and we had a front central arm rest which provided some fantastic comfort for our journey down south.

We connected our ipod using the USB auxiliary socket which provided us with some great
in-car entertainment . Steering mounted controls so the driver had the option of controlling the music volume. He had his iphone connected via the box bluetooth system , this is a great hands free feature which means no annoying headset or fiddling with buttons. Six speakers meant even Oli in the back could dance/sing along with Mummy to her cheesy music.

The multi function on board computer was rather impressive from the sat nav to the speed features. It was easy to control and navigate around. I did feel that have the inbuilt sat nav was way more safer then having a loose sat nav which not only leaves a mark on the window leaves your car vulnerable to theft's.

The car had interior mood lighting as well a illuminated courtesy mirror. With the outside lighting & visibility we had LED diodes , halogen headlamps , front fog lights as well as rear fog lights , reversing lights and 3rd brake light.

Everything impressed me about this car and there's not a fault I could find with it. I enjoyed being a passenger in this car , it was a smooth ride as well as a comfy ride. Oli had lots of room in the back to move his legs and kick around.