Tuesday, 21 September 2010


We got sent a boppy breastfeeding and support pillow to try out and as I couldn't breastfeed with Oli , I'm not currently breastfeeding so I asked the lovely Vic to try it out and tell me what she thought about the boppy.

''The obvious use of the pillow is for feeding support and regardless of whether you’re nursing or bottle feeding Boppy can be used with its ergonomic position designed to relieve stress on your back, neck and shoulders. The pillow’s horseshoe shape surrounds your body meaning that no matter how big your baby nor whether you use a more traditional or rugby style hold, they’re still supported. I have a short body and large and saggy boobs, I found that Little Mister needed to be in a much lower position than he was when upon Boppy. As a result I had him on the pillow and was having to lift my breast right up to meet him. Not ideal. The Miracle Middle stretch panel is supposed to stretch to fit most waists but it would’t stretch enough for mine and just felt uncomfortable around me. Now I know I’m not the thinnest of people but I’m certainly not the largest of mums out there.''

Boppy is a NURSING PILLOW for infants that assist mums all around the world. Used to help the mothers during the breastfeeding, Boppy has been named the #1 baby product seven years running the US. To date nearly 1 million American parents have taken on board a boppy pillow.

It has changeable covers which can easily be chucked in the washing machine if needs be.

As well as using it for breastfeeding the pillow can be used as a nest to place baby in comfortablyor how about using to help teach baby to sit up? So many different uses for boppy other then using it to breastfeed so your getting more for your money.

To celebrate and support the launch of the Boppy nursing pillow they have created a fun game which you can see here and over on the Mom's Revenge Blog.

The Boppy pillow is available to buy from Mothercare for £49.99