Monday, 27 September 2010

ToyBox - Nursery Rhymes

We got sent a album full of nursery rhymes called Toybox which is was created by The Rainbow Collections. With singer Sophie Barker from Zero 7 singing the nursery rhymes.

It contains traditional nursery rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty & The Grand Old Duke Of York which have been made into different versions for a slightly different approach to the classics.

What did Oli make of the album?

After figuring out where the music was coming from , he was intrigued to what he was hearing. This was the first time he's been introduced to a music CD (are they not extinct yet?) . Mummy had to use the TV because we don't have a stereo (are they not extinct yet too?) to play it on.
His favourite was 10 green bottles which is a bonus in our book as it helps with his number learning.
He listened and took note of what he was listening too ,we danced and we did actions. He's still at a phrase where clapping along is his thing, so he clapped whilst Mummy & Daddy added like total loons doing the actions.

What did we make of the album?

We enjoyed the alternative approach to what we've heard whilst growing up , as nice as the traditional nursery rhymes are its nice to hear them in a different style , we didn't get bored of hearing it over & over again so we happily let Oli listen to them on a repeat.
So much better then listening to cheesy TV theme tunes.

You can buy Toybox - The Rainbow Collection directly from HMV online , ASDA or with the bonus of free delivery.

I also suggest heading over to Young & Younger where you can see the adorable Fonz dancing along to the Toybox album.