Monday, 27 September 2010

Who needs annoucement cards when you have twitter?

'A mother from Stafford used the social networking website Twitter to give live updates during the birth of her son.' BBC Stoke & Staffordshire.

I thought this was already the norm having tweets from Women in labour , I know I've seen a fair few tweets from my pregnant twitter friends from when there waters have gone right up to the moment they have to do the business and again tweeted when baby was born.

This isn't a sign of obsession , this is simply a sign of the times. I suppose if your on twitter for the duration of your pregnancy that's 9months of it you've shared and if your anything like me you would of shared all the details from that morning sickness to when that plug goes, ok you may lose (or gain) a few followers, but it does make a interesting read for your twitter friends.

I remember back to when we gave birth to Oli , we had great joy in announcing it via facebook. You get a buzz from letting 200+ of your friends this good news all at the same time. We didn't share when I had gone into labour as it happened all too quickly and wanted to keep it a secret from family until he had arrived.

If all goes to plan come the next pregnancy I'm hoping for a homebirth , so don't be surprised if you see a twitpic of me in the water pool, laptop in hand. I suppose given my current twitter usage it will seem only natural to share what is going on. Some may see it was sharing too much but I see it as a way of keeping friends informed and there's a part of me which sees it as kinda cool. I may even vlog it at the same time! ;)

Move over announcement cards , Twitter is here to stay. Well that's if it doesn't 'crash' again.

What do you think? Is labour something that shouldn't be shared in this way? Is it sharing too much information? Do you like seeing exciting tweets like 'I'm in labour' ??