Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tommee Tippee : Reins & Magic Mat

We got sent some Tommee Tippee products to try out and to give our feedback on. The first being the Tommee Tippee Magic Mat.

The ideal behind the Magic Mat is that it sticks to a flat surface and then it holds the bowl/plate in place preventing slips and spills. And did it work?

It worked perfectly. We took it out for pizza with us (it can fold really small) and we put Oli in the highchair and then put the magic mat down on the table next to us. We then stuck his bowl on to it (filled it with pizza!) and let him help himself, the bowl didn't move which meant no mess (or embarrassment!) for us.


We were also sent the Tommee Tippee Reins to try out, which I was rather please about as we've been on the hunt for some reins that didn't show hideous cartoon character or look like a plain old dog lead. Oli is at walking age now and he constantly wants to be on his feet , we do get tears when the pram comes out.

As you can see from the following photos Oli enjoyed his new found freedom.

The reins are fully adjustable and padded which provided Oli with comfort , I feared them being too harsh on him but we could clearly see after strapping him in that they provided no discomfort at all to his body. They let him move about freely and the strap enabled us to keep hold.

I do look forward to going somewhere where the reins can come out to play more. I know it makes Oli happy to have this walking freedom and it makes me happy to see him full of smiles.

If your looking for reins for your little one then I highly recommend the Tommee Tippee Reins. Grab some now whilst there's a offer of 1/3 off ,so instead of paying £9.99 you can get them for just £6.66 .