Monday, 6 September 2010

Daylight Robbery

Is it just me or is toy prices on the never ending increase? It actually scares me that toy companies/shops etc.. can actually get away with charging such crazy prices for bits of plastic and wood.

I've been looking around the shops for some cars for Oli as he developed a car obsession as must little boys do, It shocked me to see the price that was being charged for toy cars - I was looking at a good few quid for a car practically the size of a thimble! I instead popped to a charity shop where I picked up 3 decent size toy cars for the bargain price of £1. So at least I know when he either breaks them or casts them aside that they didnt cost much.
I was quite excited back when Toy Story 3 came out, I know Oli's too young still to know what the fuzz is about but I thought it would be a good idea to buy him a Buzz Lightyear , he loves his Balamory dolls so thought a action figure would be the next step up.

My eyes couldn't believe what they saw when looking at a £50 price tag for a Buzz lightyear. Even when Oli gets to the 'suitable' age is this a price I'm willing to part with for a piece of plastic?

Or am I just being a scrooge to think these prices are ridiculous and should I just get with the times?

I bet its not just me though that see's these adverts for children's stuff on the TV and then see's the price flash up along the bottom at the end and screams "HOW MUCH??".
That advert for 'those certain £44.99 shoes' really gets to me, how they can justify charging that much for a pair of shoes which will last no longer then 5 minutes is beyond me. I guess they try to justify it because it has removable straps/make up.. But then why would I want to let a 7 year old (I'm guessing this is around the age its marketed towards?) wear make up in the first place?

Oh how I dread the day Oli starts to request specific toys , how do I explain to him that I need to sell a body organ or 2 to afford it?