Sunday, 29 January 2012

Second Hand Buys - Browsing Charity Shops

Random week for my buys this week, I seem to of done more selling this week then buying which I guess is a good thing. Not as fun as buying of course but needs must. All my buys this week came from browsing charity shops.

Bought the boy a Vertbaudet jumper for 50p, not taken a picture as he's currently wearing it and is half naked, yeah the whole pants thing still isn't going very well. More toys for the boy, I know - more toys! Though have shifted some more of his old toys on facebook and put some into storage.

Am considering anything I buy for Oli these days a
good investment seeing as we're having another boy. Got this little school bus and ambulance for 10p each from a little car box, teaches me for parking his pram next to it whilst browsing the clothes rails. When paying the lovely man at the till gave Oli a magazine which kept him entertained the rest of our time in town. I find the people in the charity always much friendly then other shops, I guess that's because they volunteer and actually want to be there.

Treated myself to a book for 20p, my sisters keeper. I keep seeing the film on my bt vision box so am going to see if I can read the book before I get round to watching the film. That's 90p we spent on second hand buys this week. Me & the man have both set ourselves a mission to hunt out Disney DVDs, not proving to successful in any charity shops so may use the second hand dvd shops that both and offer (have linked to where you go on the sites to sell in case you've not come across it before, I assume that buying the second hand items is found amongst buying them new.)

I feel my buys are rather pathetic at the moment! Though am rather jealous of Carolines Car Booty stash each week. It seems that every car boot in my area has gone into hibernation! Roll on the summer when we can hit the local car boot fields. Did you get any fab second hand buys?