Monday, 16 January 2012

The WellWoman and CancerCare Plan

With the news that 1 in 8 UK women have a lifetime risk of breast cancer (information from Cancer Research from February 2011), Chartis Direct has experienced increased interest in its cancer insurance products WellWoman and CancerCare.

WellWoman is a unique insurance policy designed to give vital financial and emotional help when it is needed most, by delivering a cash payout on diagnosis of one of the seven female cancers, which together account for 40% of cancers affecting women in the UK. There is a choice of Standard or Premier Cover levels, which provide a £25,000 or £50,000 cash payout upon diagnosis of a malignant cancer. For early stage cancers which have not spread the payment is £1,000.

There are no rules on how the cash payout can be used; it could cover cost of extra childcare or home help, to cover travel or parking costs during treatment, or for a holiday to recuperate at the end of treatment. Like Sam below in the video I know that my money would have to be put towards childcare, with one toddler already, another on the way and a partner who works all the hours going to provide for us that money could go far. We wouldn't be able to afford for him to take time off from work and with limited people around us who could help, our only option would be childcare and we all know how costly this can be.

There is no medical examination and no family medical history information is required. Woman living in the UK aged between 18 and 69 years old are guaranteed to be accepted on the plan.

Swimming Instructor Sam, 38, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk benefited from WellWoman when she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago:

Sam’s Story

Commenting on Sam’s story, Amanda Evans, Spokesperson for WellWoman, says, “We think about the emotional impact of cancer, but quite often it is the financial impact that we need extra help with, while undergoing treatment. Our cancer insurance products empower women like Sam by giving them extra money and choice at a time when they may feel most out of control. For a woman in her late 30’s, monthly premiums are a similar price to a couple of magazines, but the policy gives huge reassurance.”

About the WellWoman Plan: Provides a cash payout upon first diagnosis of one of seven female cancers including breast and cervical. Partners can be added to the policy at a discounted rate and men receive cover for 4 male specific cancer’s including prostate and testicular. Children of the policyholder can be covered free. Standard premiums for a woman in her late 30’s are £6.25 a month.

About the CancerCare Plan: Provides a cash payout upon first diagnosis of any malignant cancer. Children of the policyholder can be covered free. For a non-smoking family of four in their late 30’s Standard premiums cost £15.30 a month.

A Sympathetic Ear

Four in 10 patients say it’s more difficult coping with the emotional aspects of the disease than the physical (Macmillan Cancer Support April 2006). In addition to helping with the financial burdens associated with a cancer diagnosis and treatment, WellWoman provides emotional help too, through its Care Advisory Service:
  • A personal nurse available by phone for dedicated help and advice on specialist equipment, appliances or equipment, details of Support Groups details, or for advice on nutritional supplements
  • Either five free telephone calls to a specialist counsellor, or a residential course of complementary therapy at the Penny Brohn Centre in Bristol, or a therapy or counselling programme. Information can also be provided about benefits, grants and work related issues.

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