Monday, 30 January 2012

What my toddler is obsessed with..

What my toddler is obsessed with.. 6 months on.. SpongeBob SquarePants. Trains. Chilli Con Carne. Shoes. Steak flavoured mccoys crisp. iphones. Lego. Chocolate spread on toast. The hoover. Elefun. Balls. Bubbles. Daddy. Shapes, especially circles. The moon. Stars. Disney films. Cars. Scooby Doo. His blanket. The Xbox. Jumping. Baths. Local wacky warehouse. Colouring. His torch. Nee Naws. Reading Books. Mummy's bump. Barking like a dog. Chasing cats. Chocolate. Horton hears a who. Cuddles. Kisses. Tomato Ketchup. Playmobil. Chips. Mummy. Pink Panther. Ice Cream. Farm animals. Planes. Potato waffles. Darts. Naps on the sofa. Smiling. Hexbug. Making a mess. Growing his hair. Smelling things. Pizza. The Simpsons. Trees. Geoffrey the giraffe. Sweets. Socks. Balloons. Toys. Ribena. Dancing. Farting. Yogurts. Casper the ghost. Swimming. Running. Hide and seek. Chatting on the phone. Biscuits. Sleeping. Trains.