Wednesday, 25 January 2012

We seem to be having bedtime success

I've not wanted to post about this just yet in fear of horribly jinxing it and having to write the total opposite, but we seem to be having success with bedtime. We always did anyway but that was before we decided to turn the cot into a bed, nighttime was a breeze and often got a 7/8pm to 8/9am out of him. Yes, feel free to hate me but just think this one will be the total opposite to make up for it. Can feel it in my bloody already, I'm going to be seeing 5/6am with this one. If you see tumbleweed blowing across this blog in a couple of year's time then you know I was right.

Sunday we took the plunge and took the sides off and replaced it with a bed rail, we've been putting it off for so long now. It's like the last step in our toddler journey to helping him become a little boy, we've got the potty training going on and we're slowly saying goodbye to the pram. Guess one reason I put it off for so long was the thought of losing those lovely hours sleep that both him and us got. I feared that he would be so excited about being able to get himself in and out of bed that he wouldn't be interested in sleep. It was tweets from both and who've both got twins each and have introduced them to beds which kicked me into getting my one toddler into his own bed.

I thought we would have another delay when we realised the stair gate wouldn't fit across his door but fitted it to the tops of the stairs instead, so much for having a stair gate-free house until the next one came along. When Sunday evening came we took out his storage unit full of toys and put it in the hallway so that he wouldn't be tempted by his toys, though we did keep his bookshelf in the room with all his books on and some of his toys. Did you take toys out of the room as well?

We took him upstairs where he climbed into bed, snuggled up with his duvet. We stood outside expecting little feet to go wandering, but heard nothing so came downstairs and got on with our evening. This has been repeated the last two nights with no issues other then a sea of books on the floor in the mornings which we don't mind at all. I really did think we would have issues with this, what was I so afraid of? Though maybe leaving it this point helped us, him still being in a cot was causing no harm at all though it was getting a struggle for me getting him in and out with this bump sticking out. It will be nice when we go away and not have to worry about a travel cot, but can just put him in a normal bed.

I know some people don't have it easy when it comes to introducing children to a bed, if you have any advice then please go and share it with Laura who sounds like she's having a nightmare of a time with her toddler and introducing him to a bed.