Saturday, 14 January 2012

TK Maxx for Nursery Essentials

I really can not tell you how much we adore TK Maxx in our house, from homeware to the toddlers toys it's where we shop for most things. It's where we bought most of our Christmas presents from. Being pregnant and not doing too well with crowds/warm places it was idea to get them from here where they sell everything under one roof (not quite everything but enough to get gifts for every member of the family!)

We were asked if we would love to check out what nursery essentials TK Maxx sell and were given a £50 voucher to see what we would get with it. They didn't really sell nursery items when the toddler was born so this was a new section for me to check out. We were invited to check out the TK Maxx store in Birmingham at the Bullring, where they have up to 80% off nursery essentials. I was quite pleased to find out it's the first store your greeted by when you walk out of Birmingham new street station. Very handy when your baby bump tends to make you waddle at times., though I was still nearly late for our train thanks to getting carried away with our browsing and shopping.

Being a second time mum I now know what we need when it comes to buying for a newborn, what those nursery essentials really are and I'm pleased to report we found everything you need from pregnancy to when they hit toddler age all in one section. Everything from bottles, sterilisers, blankets to moses baskets were on sale. They even had a clearance section which I grabbed some bargains from. They catered for both sexes and all ages, so no complaints from us with the selection they had to offer. The great thing about TK Maxx is that each time you visit there is usually something new on sale, well this is what we've found whenever we go in each time.

I know I'm not alone when I say that I really struggled to find somewhere which sold a decent selection of baby boy's clothes, well here at TK Maxx they had a fantastic selection of baby gro's, tshirts, trousers and jackets. From ages newborn to toddler (and then you can hit the next rack along when you can no longer find the right size!) I'm a fan of bright colours and I don't know about you but I'm slightly put off by those racks with the same outfit over and over again, in TK Maxx we find some uniqueness which helps brings personality to babies clothes.

Curious to what I bought? Well here's a picture below of our purchases. I'm really happy with what we got and took great pleasure in showing the man our bargains when we got home. I got a sleeping bag from a leading brand which was the third of a price I've elsewhere which sell it, major saving right there. A memory book which I've started using already to record pregnancy details, this would make a great gift for a expectant parent. A blanket which took me a while to choose as they had quite a wide selection, all with very different patterns. I know this was a important buy as if he's anything like his brother, he'll still be carrying it around 3 years later. A couple of baby grow's, both with funky slogans and one even had a matching hat. From the clearance section I grabbed a dribble bib for £2 and for the same price a little cuddly toy which makes noises which the toddler picked out for his new baby brother.

That's several items we got for just under £50. I'm very pleased with that and if we could of got these items at full price elsewhere, pretty sure we would of been looking at much more then £50 as the total sum.

Thanks TK Maxx! I had a really tough time at the start of this pregnancy and I've been in a kind of denial which has not made me really want to buy items for baby. Shopping and browsing all the baby stuff you had on offer really has helped to make it feel real for me, I plan on using the one outfit we bought as his first outfit once he's born! We very much look forward to returning in the next couple of weeks and spending the £4.05 we have left on the voucher, as well as kitting out the toddler for Spring.

To find your nearest TK Maxx use this handy little store locator from the TK Maxx website, they can also be found on and .

We were provided with a £50 voucher to spend on Nursery Essentials, this doesn't effect our blog post in anyway as we're such big fans already.