Wednesday, 4 January 2012

One born every minute

So the new series of One Born Every Minute stars tonight on channel 4 at 9pm, the program shows intimate footage of parents-to-be leading up and about to give birth. Series 3 shows births happening at the Leeds General Infirmary which is one of the largest in the country supporting around 10,000 births every year. The OBEM website has a fantastic little part to its site which shows you all the rooms you may come across when giving birth in a hospital. Ideal for you to check out if you're about to give birth to your first baby!

If you've been reading this blog you know I'm pregnant with my second, I'll be 24 weeks this week and feeling more pregnant by the day. Now I'm having mixed feelings about wanting to watch One Born Every Minute this series, the first I watched without any doubt. I had not long had Oli and really enjoyed watching other birth experiences and reliving the experience. I couldn't wait to do it all again, of course I was thinking that whilst I had this cute tiny little quiet baby in my arms. I didn't get round to watching the second series, I think I had rediscovered a life in the evenings and spent it away from the TV. Though it was probably more likely spent blogging or watching people chat about on twitter.

I've decided to record it in case I change my mind about watching it, I really don't know why I'm freaking a little about watching it this time around. Is it because I'm pregnant and in just a few months time I'll be experiencing it all for myself again? For those that don't me in a personal way, this baby is the mans first, he's doing this for the first time. He wants to watch the program, I fear him watching. For the same reasons as me? I don't want him thinking I'm going to have a bad labour, maybe watching it will help me drum into him that every labour is different? He wants to watch it, guess he wants to know what he's letting himself in for.

Will you be watching?