Monday, 9 January 2012

Being ill when pregnant...


Am sat on the sofa feeling rather sorry for one's self. Full of cold, am starting to regret maybe not looking more into getting the flu jab. If I wake up even worse tomorrow morning, remind me that I only have myself to blame. The toddler is sat in the corner under his mountain of toys playing with his puzzles, he's also got my iphone - no doubt rearranging my folders and messaging my contacts gobbly goop.The man is attempting a online food shop, something I'm sure I'll have to correct later on. Baby is kicking the living daylights out of me, he did it all of last night so why not continue throughout today.
Great fun.

I have the laptop switched on as we have the joys of car insurance to deal with, have every compare website known to me up on the screen along with a google results page of
'what can you take when pregnant with a cold?' It's not fair that the man is consuming all the cold drugs going whilst I have to stick to my two little white squares of paracetamol. So feel free to send this hormonal, knocked up woman some home remedies to try. Always have the olbas oil tissues to hand. Though I'm not sure if they're being used more for the cold or for the price of some of these insurance quotes. Do have lunch to look forward too, it's a toss up between a can of tommy soup or a pot noodle and one of these will only be consumed because Mr wiggles inside of me needs feeding.

Did have a lovely weekend though, the best friend came to stay with her boys. Oli very much enjoyed the company and I took great joy in spending Saturday night consuming boxes of chocolate with her whilst watching a film. Spent Sunday in softplay hell, though it wasn't that busy and all 3 boys pretty much left us to consume coffee and read the Sunday papers in peace. Blissful weekend, so I guess that's why I'm suffering now. Guess you cant have it all.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and are not suffering too much with Monday madness?