Sunday, 22 January 2012

Second Hand Buys - Buying & Selling on Facebook

I really didnt think I would be able to post anything this week following on from my first second hand buy post I put up last Sunday. Thanks to falling down the stairs at the beginning of the week and making one backache even more of a backache, I hadnt really left the the house. This meant no trawling through charity shops or carboots for me. Didnt even leave me wanting to browse ebay, though I was hoping that I could post about 2 bargain bedside tables which I thought I was going to get for £20 which stayed the price for the last couple of days of bidding until it jumped straight up to £60 in those last few seconds! Always the way with ebay, have to be quick.

I guess that's why I much prefer the other means now a days where you see a item in front of you and its pretty much yours as soon as you pay for it. Have found a nifty 21st century way of buying and selling things which I didn't get round to sharing last week and that's using facebook.

It's like having a local freecycle but its somewhere you can advertise items you have for sale as if you were inserting it as newspaper ad, the advantage is that it happens in real time. The moment you click send your item is there being advertised for sale to locals around you. I've become a huge fan of my local group after shifting half a garage and attic on to it in exchange for some ££. I know it's became a really popular option around my area as the newspaper ads have certainly lessened. I wanted to see how popular it really was so picked random towns from the top of my head and search 'for sale' followed by that town name and I got a result each time. So good news if you're in , or . If there isn't a site local to you why not set one up, invite a few local friends and go from there.

Friday evening I struck gold on one of my local sites
with this Tomy Universal Bed Rail, the ad read that it was a bed rail for sale which had only been used for a short time and that the going price was £10. It was only just a couple hours after browsing one on the argos website that I saw this, so knew if I was to grab this that I would also be grabbing myself a baragin. The lady even dropped it off for us, so guess what went up in place of a cot bed rail this morning. The bed rail is like she said perfect condition and we saved ourselves £15.99 by going second hand.

Did you get any great second hand buys this week?