Friday, 13 January 2012

Haircut Dilemma

Having a nightmare with trying to get the toddler to have his haircut, we have one of those breeds of toddlers that just don't stay still longer then 20 seconds. Though he has got much better at this and will stay still when told in a very stern way or when bribed with sweets or chocolate (we all do it at some point!) it wasn't more of a case of him not staying still this morning when we tried to take him, but more of a case of him being terrified.

He really does need it doing, you can see in the photo yourself that it is getting rather on the long side. Not a problem but it does get knotty quite easy (he's a big fan of jam!) It's getting in his eyes and I was told AGAIN on the train the other day how cute my little girl was.

What methods have you tried? I think I'm going to have to get a mobile hairdresser around the house again. Either that or attempt it myself.. Eek.

Keep a eye out for a post appearing soon over on the Baby Born Free Mum & Dad blog from me about his first haircut, though it wasn't as difficult back then as it is now.