Saturday, 21 January 2012

Vax Ultra Rapide 2 Carpet Washer

You cant review a more appropriate item when you about to move house then a carpet cleaner, we had a few carpeted rooms that needed doing and a rug. We were asked to review the Vax Ultra Rapide 2 Carpet Washer which we put to the test on the rug one evening before bed so that it could dry over night. Now this rug has been proper abused by our toddler, it did off the year as a cream coloured rug and it ended up looking more like a brown rug.

Was impressed at how easy it was to assemble following the step by step instructions in the instruction booklet. The washer handle, tool caddy and hose was simple to put on and took barely any time at all to do.

We started off with the pre - treatment kit which we applied to a more obvious mark on the rug. We simply brushed the wand against the mark and left for 15 minutes. Then we (I say we, I actually mean the man) took to using the Carpet Washer on the rug. The washer glided along the rug without a problem even with the powered water jets spraying out the bottom with the rotating brushbar. We were seeing results as we were going along, and you could really see how much dirt it was picking up by looking at the dirty water tank.

Dryness had started to kick in straight away which shows how good the powerful dual v suction was, means that we can use it on the carpet without waiting until the summer where we would need to leave the doors and windows open to help dry it.

See the below pictures for before and after shots of the rug, the before photos
were taken with the light on as it was in the evening but you can quite clearly see the lack of creaminess in the rug. Overall we're so pleased with the results, you can see for yourself in the after pictures how fantastically it has worked. The cleaner has really bought life back into the rug and has made look as good as the day it was bought.

The next thing we plan on using is the wash tool on our sofa, it's easy enough to put the cushion covers in the wash but we cant exactly put the rest of the sofa in the wash so will be a refreshing change to use this instead of scrubbing the sofa with some kind of mousse or hot water. Expect another youtube video with how that goes.

Now that we've moved from a house with laminated flooring to a house which is
totally carpeted we expect the cleaner to be put to use on pretty much a weekly basis, what with a toddler who is potty training and another baby on the way and we all know what babies mean, baby sick! We've already had one drink spillage this morning (may not of been the toddler) where the cleaner was needed to make sure it didn't leave a red stain on our cream carpet - yep we just don't learn our lesson!

Video of the Vax Rapide Carpet Washer 2 in action



The Vax Rapide Ultra 2 is available directly from the online Vax shop for £279.99 which includes a free 2 years guarantee and free delivery. Plenty of support available online as well buying those extra products, refills and access to user guides just in case you've mislaid yours.