Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas & New Year

It's been a crazy time in our house, but then it's been a crazy year for our household. New baby/engagement rings/moving twice..yeah hopefully next year wont be as eventful. She says. Christmas was fantastic, Oli got well and truly spoilt and we now have a house which resembles a toy factory. We had dinner with the in laws which was quite nice, followed by endless games of pictionary and chocolate. Last night, seeing in new year didn't quite go to plan. Sleep happened by 11.25pm and we were woken just after 12pm by fireworks, quick sleepy new year kiss and we were back to the land of zzzz. Getting to 23 weeks pregnant has started to take it's toll and staying up late just doesn't happen no more, can barely keep my eyes open once tea has been eaten. Hope you had a lovely Christmas & New Year?

The baby who is no longer a baby and is a fully fledged toddler has had his first hair cut, celebrated him turning 2, had his first trip to A&E, dropped naps, started potty training and said goodbye to the bottle. This blog is still very much about him as well as his life with me and the man, though this year will see the introduction of a new baby. Something which I know will be a big adventure and life change for him as well as us. I look forward to blogging more about how life has changed now that we're about to go from a 3 person family to a 4 person family.

I've adored blogging and the opportunities, friendships and chances it has given me over the last few years. Last year saw me on several blogging events includong Young's Seafood, Glee Live, taking part in Dettol's Mission For Health campaign and attending LolliBop & CyberMummy (both which I've still not blogged about!) Of course it wouldn't be possible without any of you lovely people who read my blog waves to the crazy lady who stalks my blog . I've even had a fantastic year over on the TOTS 100 UK parenting blogging charts, I've been in the top 50 for the last year and have been in the top 10 a couple of times, something which makes me smile LOTS and in the top parenting blogs of 2011 I've been named number 12. Major smiles right here.

One of my new year's resolutions is to try and blog much more often, I did originally say everyday of 2012 but with another baby coming along I think that might of been hoping for too much. Talking about baby, I'm getting fatter and much more pregnant - yeah shock, horror! We found out the sex just before Christmas (that's one of those future blog posts down) and are actually getting to grips we're going to be having a baby/another child in the house come a few months time. Another resolution of mine is to keep on top of the housework, which I'm already failing because as I type I have a mountain of washing staring back at me, can see that mountain getting bigger when baby comes along.

If you're still reading, you're doing better then me. Am already nodding and thinking maybe I shouldn't of waited until 9pm to start sticking to New Years resolution number 1. Am already nodding into the keyboard and I'm pretty sure this post is riddled with spelling/grammar mistakes but then if you've been around this blog for long you know that I'm no expert at either of those things. But enough rambling.. Tell me about your New Year's resolutions (or lack of!)