Monday, 4 July 2011

Glee Live

When the lovely guys at Eon asked us if we wanted to come and gleek out with them at the O2 and watch Glee Live we of course jumped around screamed like teenagers replied yes. This was before we even knew about the hospitality box with free bar/food and the fact that they had also invited some of my favourite parent bloggers who I also consider to be good friends of mine - Tim, Sally, Vic, Amy, Jen & Cass.

It timed well with CyberMummy which I was already in London for, the man came and met me in London, well I say met more like jumped me whilst I was waiting outside M & S for Sally & Flea. I actually thought someone was trying to steal my CyberMummy swag, they would of been severely disappointed to find just 3 packs of baby wipes and some other baby stuff.

We headed to the O2 where we met the lovely ladies from who took us to their fabulous box which had a fantastic view of the stage as well as a food spread which we all couldn't wait to tuck into after the long day we all had at CyberMummy (apart from Cass who spent the day in London with her family instead). When the Glee guys came on stage they were lots of girlie screams, even from Tim who's daughter had managed to convert him into a Glee fan! And yes like Sally said I screamed twice as loud when Finn came on stage.

I have included some photos from the evening below, just click on them to see them bigger. Or head over to where I'll add some more photos from the evening. Thanks Eon, Me & The Man had a fantastic evening and we're still buzzing from all the excitement now, a week later!