Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Extreme Pie

I love trainers, I own more trainers then I do any other kind of shoe. So you can imagine my delight at getting sent a pair of trainers from Extreme Pie to try out and review. But not just any pair of trainers, a pair of DC trainers.

DC trainers have been in my life ever since my skater days back when I was a young-er girl. They were the best trainers to wear when skating because of the flat, grippy and wide soles to them. But as I proven since hanging up my skateboard and pushing around a pram instead, skate shoes can be worn when and wherever you like.

The DC Fiona ones are different to the usual skate shoes I wear, these are perfect for summer wear as they are canvas and have little vent holes to help with the airflow. What I like about them is that they are quite lightweight and comfortable to wear. I've been wearing them all day to and from work and around the supermarket and no discomfort from them at all. Pretty much go with any clothing you wear - shorts, jeans and they even looked ok with the summer dress I was wearing when I first tried them on. They are available to buy in both lollipop and black/purple colours.

Extreme Pie have trainers, boots, flip flops and even heels to suit anyone and any style.