Wednesday, 13 July 2011

How a sausage roll made me cry

Anyone who knows me knows that I am in head over heels in LOVE with the beach, I adore the seaside and could quite happily spend everyday there if the Mr would let me. On Monday we took a trip to one of our local beaches, we've been here before with Oli a few times but our trip is usually cut short as he likes to do nothing but try and go as far out to sea as possible (The sea is cold, I don't want to get cold!) or run like a loon all over the place and basically do anything but relax, soak up the sea air and make sandcastles with his parents.

But like I said in a
previous post about toddlers being unpredictable he's changing and we've noticed a huge difference in everything we do and how he's co-operating. He waited when we got him out of the car, no running off and calmly waited for us to get our stuff together and then he walked along with us down to the beach. We put our stuff down and he understood that we needed to get him changed before he did anything, he let us do this without any squabbles and was changed within minutes.

We wondered over to the sea with us where he happily played and kept to where we told him. Usually turns are taken to stay with him so the other can chill and lap up the sun, instead today we asked him to come and sit down with us and eat some of the picnic Daddy had prepared that morning. He came, he sat on my lap and he tucked into a sausage roll with us. A SAUSAGE ROLL. He never eats snack stuff like this. I don't know what came over me that made me blub like a baby, queue strange looks from both the man and the boy. It was just seeing this child of mine do something I have longed for him to do, I didn't have to chase after him and beg him to take a mouthful of food. He just sat there with us both tucking into this picnic and listening to use describing what was around him. Even sat happily making sand castles and drawing names and numbers into the sand.

Maybe we just have to get him when he's in the right moods to do stuff like this together, but then maybe he's just realised that co-operating with his parents is much more fun. Who knows!? I'm sure we'll be going back to the beach next week if the weather is still treating us nicely so we'll find out then if it was a one off or not. Extra pleased about yesterday as we drove past a gorgeous little hotel which after a quick google we found out do weddings and is only a few minutes walk away from the beach, we're actually planning on going to go and look at it today which is quite exciting.

I'm really enjoying not having to take a pram everywhere with us, it's been sat in the boot now for the last couple of weeks and we've not had to use it once. It's amazing how much difference just a few months make. Hopefully the next step will be getting a few more words out of him.