Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bridezilla has arrived!

She's arrived. She didn't know where to go other then to the deep dark depths of wedding planning. It seems that whenever I've got a spare few minutes that I'm doing something wedding related or even when I've not got a spare minute, I'm day dreaming and thinking about it. I blame the whole setting the date, handing over deposits and actually securing the two main parts of the day - venue and registrar.

Should I be doing stuff yet towards planning? Less then 12 months sounds like a long time but is it in wedding terms? We know our date so we know save the dates are next. I need to tap up some past brides to find the ins and outs of wedding planning. It's such a minefield, like the wedding breakfast. Why call it a wedding breakfast if it's not ate at breakfast time? Thankfully people on twitter helped me out with that one.

When we went back to the venue the other day to sort out paperwork we were asked questions about number of guests, menu choice and some other thing which I thought would wait until early next year so that prompted us to come home and start drafting up our guest lists. We also wrote a list of other things we need to think about - DJ, photographer, florists and all the other services we'll need. This is even before we've given a thought to what we're going to be wearing, still seems quite surreal that I'm actually going to be wedding dress shopping next year.

In the meantime we're saving like loons to make next year financially possible, we're budgeting wherever possibly. This includes giving up luxury's such as the new hair colour I was going to get can just wait until after the wedding now, swapping Ribena for the cheaper option of supermarket own brand (eeek!) and even littler things like limiting how much olive oil I use when cooking.

Oh well at least we have the venue, the theme and the bridesmaids sorted.