Tuesday, 28 June 2011

CyberMummy Tweets

Some of the tweets I've captured from after the main event last Saturday. I've really enjoyed catching up with what everyone thought about CyberMummy via the means of . I do have a going on with everyone who attended the day, let me know if I've missed you off and I'll add you to it.

Best memory @ @ @ @ sharing and reminding blogging neednt be all about free stuff

@: Cybermummy – a blogging conference like no other http://t.co/w2YDUKW

Awesome buzz at http://yfrog.com/kf4nqtj

@ @ @ I know what you mean. Getting married on fri, on sat, touristy suff on sun. Exhausted!!
Sophie King : Writing Workshop at http://bit.ly/kaC2wf <

RT @: Indy on Sunday covers Cybermummy... go the mummy bloggers! http://t.co/dL63lY5

Haha just saw that the sexy french bloke from is following back... Anyone know how to get my tweets in a French accent?

Blogging: Thoughts on Gleeking Out and CyberMummy - http://ow.ly/5qHpW
Hahah @ @ this one makes me giggle http://yfrog.com/h8vtmxbj

I think I may have finally recovered from ! More exhausting than twin toddlers!
next year I would like a key note off @ @

Can I say now vs cybermummy wins. Even though I got groped on the tube there.

Reading blog posts makes me think that there were several different conferences in the same building. Such diff experiences.

I believe I have @ to thank for my post headache? ;) Many thanks...very yummy. ;)
Incase u missed it, something REALLY funny that happened at -read this and RT! http://t.co/2xxmyes (IM DEAD MEAT NOW!)

Amazing! :) RT @: @ my little one used the cutlery set at dinner, it's brilliant! Best goody bag

Great buzz about vlogging at - good news as @ and @ seems to have exciting things coming very soon

Am most disappointed that I don't appear to have got an electronic nit comb in my goody bag... *sob*

Collected over 100 cards at ! Looking forward to following everyone on twitter tomorrow + having a read of all those blogs :)

Got the independent paper delivered to hotel room and was greeted with a great article about

One thing i found out at that people want to learn more about they realise they don't know much about it.

Since getting home I have been up to my neck in bottles, dirty nappies and a half naked toddler running around with 2 hippos

You know when Monica in Friends was the 'candy lady'? This weekend I was the Lego Lady!

“@: Outstanding press for CyberMummy and UK bloggers! http://t.co/WA2hL2A Moving on up everyone! Watch out! ” WOW!

Sooo many new blogs to add to my reader/blog roll. I'm so grateful to for really opening my eyes to what we CAN do.

So nice to be with people who don't look at you in horror & exclaim "You mean, you talk to people on the INTERNET!?"

@ follow on for some fantabulous shoes and spiffing legs http://instagr.am/p/GbGbH/

Final thank you to all the women at for making us chaps feel so welcome.

Reflecting on fact that there aren't many conferences where u can come away with a crate of wine+an electronic nit comb. rocks

Not many people recognised me at as I didn't have a baby stuck to my face

Had such a lovely day making cyber friends real friends

@ after her at http://tinyurl.com/65rl6ez

Nice to meet all you cybermummys yesterday at xx

@ absolutely loved it all but I really enjoyed the bloggers reading their post's at the end

Despite spending most of yesterday feeling overwhelmed, I absolutely loved spending time with old friends and making new ones

@ A LOT of freebies, some AMAZING women and a bloody brilliant day, all in all.

Have to say I love looking at all your @ photos.In particular @ and all of @ shoes

My timeline has changed it sounds different and looks different. Lovely to put voices and people to avatars

@ just happy the bump didn't make a bid for freedom in front of 400 mums!

I bet the Cybermummies have no such rule

I just want to say thanks again to for sponsoring me to go to . It is much appreciated!

For those of you who didn't make it to make it your no1 priority for 2012! It's amazing!