Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Father's Day gift ideas from Rubik's

Did you father/other half grow up with the 80's sensation the Rubik's cube? Why not relive that cubing sensation by getting them a Rubik's cube this Father's Day?

We got sent one of the Classic Rubik's cube to try out. I gave it to the man who shock & horror has never played with a Rubik's cube before. He very much enjoyed messing it up and then trying to figure out how to get it back to its original state. It is one of those timeless classic toys which is suitable for any age and can never get bored of. We even had our toddler in on the Rubik's action. If you do find yourself struggling to complete it why not head over to the Rubik's website for hints and solutions.

To get your hands on the Classic Rubik's Cube with it's snazzy new makeover and environmentally-friendly packing head to your nearest toy store or for a list of stockists, call John Adams on 01480 414361.

WARNING!! This toy may cause Rubik's Wrist and Cubist's Thumb if not handed correctly.