Monday, 27 June 2011

Want to find your blogging mojo?

Then go to a conference where you will see over 400 bloggers half of which will tell you to your face how fantastic they think your blog is, be greeted by a brand (waves at the Leapfrog crew!) which has been following your blog since they met you last year and will make you burst into tears with the wonderful things they say about your blog and then top off that night by visiting your favourite show live thanks to E.on, which you attend with some of your closest blogging friends. Then come back from all of that to find this post which will have you blubbing like baby at the lovely things said about you and your blog.

That will soon get you out of that blogging funk of yours.

I've been struggling with blogging lately, I talked about it in a blog post the other day. I said about how life has been getting in the way of blogging but then I didn't say that when I do find the time I've been struggling with things to say. I got the chance to reevaluate all that this weekend. Having someone come up to you that you've never met before and tell you how much they enjoy reading something you produce is a amazing feeling, not only does it make you proud of what you do but it also boosts your confidence.

I have so much I now want to blog about, not only that 'conference' and that 'show' but life, family life. After all the blog is about Me, The Man & The Baby.

But today I'm going to switch off the laptop and go enjoy the lovely sunny weather with my boys, after all we did move closer to the beach just for days like this.