Thursday, 15 December 2011

New Home

For the second time this year we've moved, I know – how crazy. Especially when half way through a pregnancy. Thanks to work commitments and various changes in life plans we decided to move house again. I'm sat writing this blog post now as I wait for the delivery of our stuff to arrive. Who knows when I'll be able to post it online though as a delivery of equipment from a certain phone company never arrived last Thursday, despite being told twice it was. Meaning I stayed in from morning to night waiting for it. They can jog on if they think I'm paying for that delivery fee and the days I'm without the service I'm currently paying for. I can live without the internet. Honestly.

I cant tell you how much I love my new house, it's smaller then the last which is a big relief to me as keeping the old house tidy with all those rooms was a nightmare! Especially when you're not the biggest fan of housework. We do have a bigger garden though which was a winning factor when choosing this house, we're currently having the footie pitch as I've nicknamed it, re-turfed and the patio redone.

Anything else which needs doing can wait until after Christmas as the only decorating I want to be doing is Christmas decorating. We've already got everything right down to the tree chocolates, just need to get it all up. I guess this is going to be my motive for getting all our stuff unpacked and put into it's new home as soon as possible.

I did wonder how Oli would take to moving again, but he seems to be ok. Excited if anything, cant stop running around the place and enjoying all the room he has before the furniture arrives. I'm guessing bump is excited too as he/she has been joining in with its brother and moving around lots. Before you worry I am taking it easy, I'm not doing any heavy lifting at all and I actually think I'm going to find the unpacking part rather therapeutic. Nesting starting to kick in maybe?

*Edited - We have furniture! We now have Internet, though am wondering when this infinity speed kicks in! And we also have a Christmas tree up! Yay!