Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Shhh! I have a secret!

I'm pregnant! Well yes I know that you know. How can you not? I blog about it nearly every week! But my employers don't know that I am, despite having a bump which nearly poked my eye out every morning I manage to keep it hidden and keep it a secret that I'm carrying around another little human being.

I don't think I manage to do another blog post (busy with a house move!) after saying about going for a job interview and then being invited back for a second. I didn't get the job, I will never know if it's because I'm pregnant or just because they found someone else more suitable for the job, I hope it was the second. But I didn't give up job hunting, just decided that this time around I wouldn't say anything. After all, it's not like a disability or anything. I legally don't have to declare I'm pregnant until 15 weeks before I'm due.

At the moment I'm just going to enjoy having a job and actually getting the house and having some me time, I'm working my little pregnant bottom off so that they cant question my work even when the time comes for my little announcement. I don't feel I'm deceiving them as I'm turning up doing the job, so what if I am pregnant. If I already had the job and fell pregnant then I still don't have any rules which tells me that I have to tell them. I wouldn't put myself in a place of work where there is any risk to me or baby, so I'm safe and have no worries.