Monday, 21 November 2011

If I could pick the gender

It's the one thing you always get asked when pregnant 'will you be finding out the sex' and then even occasionally you'll get asked 'so what would you prefer? Boy or Girl?'. Typically as I already have a boy I've been getting lots of 'so bet you would like a girl now then?'. Actually, Yes.

I'm bored now of saying the answer most people want to hear '
Oh I don't mind, as long as baby is healthy'. Of course I want a healthy baby, I want a healthy baby more then anything else. But why is this always the cop out answer I give? It's like I'm ashamed of admitting out loud to people that I would very much like it if the next baby was a girl, it's like I would feel judged and I could most probably be judged as well for saying that I would like for it to be a girl.

This doesn't effect my thoughts on having another boy at all, I would be more then happy for another little boy. We're all set up for a baby boy as I kept everything for the last couple years which I used with Oli. The man has actually stated he would like another boy and that he actually thinks it's already a boy as the scan photo looked rather manly, yeah I laughed at that too. I myself am thinking girl because of my hormones, I would love to be able to pin it on the fact I'm carrying a female and that together our hormones are just explosives material.

The thought of buying little dresses and being able to use the colour pink makes me go all gooey, I cant help but to be drawn to all the the little girls stuff when entering a clothes shop. Though I suppose that cant be helped when you see how much girls stuff there is compared to boys stuff.

Is it wrong that I would openly admit that I would like for it to be a girl? Is it some kind of secret that I should just keep to myself. At the end of the day I know that smile on my face is going to be one big Cheshire cat grin no matter if it's a boy or a girl.