Monday, 7 November 2011

15 Weeks

It feels like it's taken forever to get past the first trimister and into the last couple of weeks. Anyone following my blog can see what I've had to deal with since becoming pregnant. I can happily say that now after several doctors visits and 5 hospital visits and numerous pills popped that I'm now pill- less and actually healthy. Like I'm actually waking up and forgetting that I'm pregnant until I look down and see this bump which came out of nowhere. My hyperemesis gravidarum has settled and I'm only getting the odd occasion where I'm still being sick but this is usually just a rare occasion in the morning or when the smell of something that baby obviously doesn't like unsettles my stomach.

The movements have already started and I can feel them as well even see them at times, I knew you could feel them much earlier the second time round but I didn't know it would be this early. When did you start feeling movements? I've already said this whole pregnancy is different to my first, it applies to the cravings and the food's I can eat. With Oli I had two cravings, at the beginning was Hubba Bubba but only the cola flavoured, and I couldn't get enough of the stuff! Was constantly chewing it. Then further on in the pregnancy where I couldn't stop eating curry I had the urge to add cookies into it. Yeah cookies and curry together, it's strange but I would still quite happily eat it now.

Oli made me go off mash potato, something which I still cant eat now. This time around it's chips but then anything which is cooked/has anything to do with oil is avoided at the moment. I hope I get that urge back to eat chips once I've popped! My cravings have consisted of smells, it's strange but I could be suddenly sitting there with nothing around me but then suddenly I would start smelling something! Normally in the form of sweets! So far I've had to have weathers originals because I started to smell butter sweets, then lemon sherbets and just recently chocolate orange so I may have to hunt myself out a terry's. It's just a want either it's like a need. You should seen how I begged the man to turn the car around to go to the supermarket to get those butter sweets for me.

We've had our scan and baby looks nothing but perfect and a picture of health. Everything is all normal. He/she has everything already formed this was a couple of weeks ago at 13 weeks, we saw arms, legs and even it's nose which from the shape of the scan already looks like it's daddy's nose. The same day I was booked in for another scan where I was having all my organs scanned, once finished the sonographer spent some time looking at baby again and this time baby was quite jumpy, was amazing to see his/her legs jumping up and down and moving around my tummy.

I'm so happy that I can actually now start enjoying the rest of my pregnancy, I really am taken with my bump and after seeing what I'm actually carrying on screen I'm head over heels in love with him/her. Going to enjoy this bonding time with my baby before he/she makes appearance in this world.