Thursday, 10 November 2011

And we're back to Potty Training

So we're back riding the potty training train again, again it wasn't intended but was done on the off chance. I was giving him some nappy free time yesterday and then thought it a good idea to bring one of his potty's downstairs just in case. He screamed when he saw it and created some fuss, I ignored him and just left the potty on the floor. We both went our separate ways (him towards his toys, me towards the pile of cakes waiting for me).

Walking past the potty a while later I noticed a golden puddle (too much info? Well tough,it's my blog!) in it staring back at me. Was rather delighted, my hormones may of took it too far and shed some tears whilst hugging the boy in glee and telling how that a really good thing which he did. I guess maybe I need to find a different reward system to show him how good it is, that he's actually weeing in the potty.

When asked if he wanted a wee a hour later he happily went and sat on it and did another one, though did kinda miss a little which I guess is the issue with having a boy with a pee-pee. So now the potty has a mat under it. We put him to bed with a nappy on which was taken off this morning when he woke up with hope he'd use the potty again. He did, but used the upstairs potty whilst I was in the bathroom. This was good because then I gave him some toilet roll and then got him to wash his hands.

One issue we've come across though is pooing on the potty, he wont do this. I feel like we're playing a game of Russian roulette with not wanting to put a nappy on him but trying to persuade him to do it in the potty. Anyway of making him feel comfortable enough to do that or is just a case of waiting for him to want to do it? I don't want to pressure him in anyway, I feel like we've done amazing so far with just letting him do it off his own back.