Monday, 14 November 2011

Job interview whilst pregnant

Later on today I have a job interview, not really nervous or anything. Quite looking forward to it actually and hoping I get the job. Will be nice to be out of the house bringing in some extra pennies. Something is different though this time to any other time I've previously gone for a job interview, this time I'm 16 weeks pregnant.

I have a really tough decision to make between now and the time I go for the interview, do I tell them or do I not tell them I'm pregnant? I know that they cant discriminate me and not hire me simply because I'm pregnant but behind closed doors when it's just a couple of them chatting about who to hire, you can just see them going for someone who isn't pregnant. Though of course I could be completely wrong and they wouldn't see me being pregnant as a issue, the job after all is a temporary job which is what I'm after for the Christmas season.

What I don't want to do is not tell them I'm pregnant and actually get the job and then have to tell, I don't want to start off a job that way. But on the other hand, why should I tell them I'm pregnant? It's not a illness (though it can make you quite ill!) and it's not a disability of any kind. I'm quite fit and healthy now and perfectly capable of taken on work, the job I've got this interview for is not a job which involves any kind of lifting or any work which could cause baby any harm. I've actually worked for the company before so know what I'm getting myself into and this is one of the reasons I think I got offered the interview. I'm hoping I'll get judge on my experience and what I can bring to the table then what I'm carrying around with me in my tummy.

So what would you do? Would you tell them you're pregnant or would you not tell them?