Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I've not really blogged yet about this horrid condition I've developed called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I did include a link in my last post from Luschka who is also suffering from it, she describes it perfectly and gives you the perfect summary about what it's like to suffer from it. Thanks to twitter I realised I'm not alone and this isn't no made up condition, it really is quite serious. Hannah and Jen also suffered from it and through twitter I realised many others too suffered and some which were too afraid to admit it at the time. If it wasn't for Oli and this not being my first I don't think I would of been so quick to ask for help controlling this.

I'm on my second day today of no sickness and of being to eat and keep down breakfast, lunch and tea. May not sound like much to you or it even may be too much information but for me this is life changing. May sound a little over dramatic but when you've spent most days attached to the toilet or lying in bed like I've been doing the last several weeks, doing something as simple as getting up with boy and preparing his breakfast is a big achievement. Even more so is doing some hoovering and familiarising myself with the washing machine.

I'm really hoping this isn't just a one off and will continue now for the rest of the pregnancy. Its took several trips to the doctors and 2 visits to the hospital but hopefully I'm on the right medication now which has got my hyperemesis under control. I know I needed that hospital visit to help me on the road to getting better.

I did try to get myself the help I needed on Thurs night when come the end of the night and a day where every 10 minutes saw me throwing up, both physically and mentally I had had enough. My body was aching and my chest was hurting, which I'm pretty sure was down to the day of non stop sickness. I did first phone the maternity ward who didn't want to listen when I said I was only 12 weeks pregnant, they told me to phone gynecology emergency. So I did and was told I would need to referred by my GP.

I came off the phone feeling like I got nowhere. Thing is I would of been straight to my doctor if it wasn't so late at night. I phoned NHS direct who took concern about the chest pain which was the same concern that the doctors in a&e took on. No one wanted to hear about the horrid sickness which was making me so ill, after hearing about me not eating or drinking for the last few days I was put on a drip. Told I could I have a clot on my lung and that I was to inject myself for the next 10 days. I knew the chest pain was the strain that me being ill was putting on my body, just like I knew that pain before was thanks to the morphine - you just know your own body. I was sent home from a&e at almost 4am in a taxi.

The moment I walked back through the door I had my head down the toilet once again. That morning after a few hours sleep I was still unable to keep water down or even go near food. I got a emergency appointment with my GP, the moment he saw me he said he was getting me admitted. Says it all really! I could of cried with relief! He phoned gynecology and had them agree to see me, told them he had tried different medications but nothing was bringing it under control. The moment the doctors on gynecology saw me I was given fluids and admitted to the pre-natal ward so I could get constant fluids throughout the day and night. I was also given some anti sickness medicine. That evening alone I started to feel much better.

A woman visiting her friend opposite overheard that I was starting to feel hungry so kindly got me some food and fruit from the cafe. This really made me smile and the feeling of fullness I got from that food was extremely satisfying. The next morning I was greeted with no sickness but a hunger for breakfast! This has continued since I came out of hospital. They gave me some medication and have told me to go straight back in if they don't work and I find myself feeling as poorly as I did before. I do feel like a different person right now, Just so glad I nipped this in the bud now before I lost anymore weight and became more ill. I just really hope this continues for the next 26 weeks.