Monday, 17 October 2011

A dinosaur themed birthday party

So pleased I was feeling better for this weekend, Oli had been invited to Baba's (Scrapbookerry's little one) 3rd Birthday party. We had a plan that if I was still ill or in hospital that the man would take him so that he wouldn't miss out. To get in with the theme we bought Oli this adorable dinosaur tshirt (seriously, trying to get a toddler to stay still for a photo = mission impossible!) from H&M but get this right, the tshirt cost £5.99 but the day we bought it, with every transaction they were giving out £5 gift cards. Yeah makes sense right, but I suppose that's the cost of Oli's winter hat covered.

Was so nice to actually be able to spend time with him again, well both him and the man. To be out of the house as a family and for mummy to not be carrying around her sick bowl or even walking around with knotted hair (again thank you Vic for deknotting me!) Even managed to have a shower, yeah eww for you but you try finding the energy to stand in the shower everyday with Hyperemesis.

Oli had a great time and Baba looked like he had much fun with his dinosaur presents (We got him the land before time DVDs) and we were extremely impressed with the dinosaur cake his mother had made. I seriously think there's no ends to this crafty woman's talents! She even made some yummy homemade biscuits for the party bags. Though Kerry I have to admit Oli may of 'accidentally' not got any of the birthday cake, though the fact I've not eaten in yonks is enough of a excuse to let me get away with that right?