Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Le Toy Van Toys

I've said it lots of times in the past but we really are huge fans of wooden toys in this house, when it comes to toys for Oli we know wood are the best as they are sturdy enough to endure the angriest of toddler mood swings. Mine has been putting this to the test on several occasions when pushing over his wooden toy garage or chucking his wooden toy till against the wall. sell a fabulous range of wooden toys for kids of age ranges, it happens to be the place we got Oli's wooden toy garage from. If I had a unlimited amount of money to spend on toys for him it would have to be spent here, from train tacks to bedroom furniture they sell it all. I wont keep it a secret but I'm secretly hoping for bump to be a girl (though of course I just want a healthy baby!) so that I check out the wooden dolls houses and wooden prams.

One of the brands featured on is Le Toy Van which was launched in 1995 and is now one of the world’s premier painted wooden toy producers. These award winning wooden toys are all designed in the UK by a team of designers who aim to create innovative, stylish and colourful toys. Just check out the Lionheart castle for example.

These toys are manufactured overseas in a factory that is regularly visited by the Le Toy Van team to maintain quality and the ethical conditions of the workforce. Toys are produced using responsibly sourced wood from replanted forests.

Once on the Le Toy Van menu it's easy to navigate around and you can use the simple drop down menus to help select if you wanted to pick a toy by gender and by category. Or just simply view all the Le Toy Van toys which are being sold.

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