Monday, 26 September 2011

Pregnancy can be a drag

I remember when pregnant with Oli that the last couple of months seem to drag especially those last few weeks and the two where I went over my due date. This time around it seems to be the first trimester which to me is dragging. So yeah you know where I said this pregnancy was so far the complete opposite with no sickness? Oh I was so wrong. Like the very next day I was found with head down the toilet all day and night. And it's pretty much followed that pattern the last couple of weeks.

We also had a scare which my God, really did frighten us. Took a trip to the doctors because of how the tiredness was effecting me and I just didn't feel right anymore, dizziness was constant and I had some lower stomach pain. The doctor was so concerned about how I was feeling and how low my blood pressure was that she called a ambulance to the doctor surgery to take me straight to the hospital. There was talk of how I might of lost the baby, this on top of suddenly being rushed to hospital really felt too much. The man who was with me along with Oli had to take him back home, which was heartbreaking enough. Hearing his cries down the doctors corridors as he wa dragged away from me really cut deep. Thankfully the lovely Kerry looked after Oli for us allowing the man to later join me in the hospital.

Everything was a huge daze to me as you can imagine, from the whole sirens being on in the ambulance to having lots of people around me in a&e. I was for some reason given morphine which I'm sure they gave me because at that point there concern was about me. I'm pretty sure this is what caused me more pain. I was taken up to the gynecology ward where I was in a room full of leaflets about miscarriage and the likes, being left alone staring at these really got me in a state. This baby was someone we both wanted so badly, we had tried fr it and were so joyful at succeeding and the thought of a sibling for Oli. At this point the man joined me, just at the same time this morphine induced pain started. Pain at the time I compared to the nurse as being in labour, she allowed me to have some gas & air. Oh gas & air, a thing of beauty. I remember how well it took the edge off when in labour with the boy.

It was deja vu though as I went to hospital with Oli at the beginning too as I had a bleed, turned out to be just normal but meant that I knew what was going to happen with regards to how they were going to see if everything was ok. We were took to the room where I was scanned, was quite disappointed at first as he couldn't see anything as my bladder was so full so had to use a different kind of scanner thingy (think stick probe) to look that way. We both sobbed with happiness when we saw on screen this tiny little baby with his/her little heart beating away. Though I was still in agony with this pain which was appearing again and again. I remember wiggling all over the bed whilst the Doctor was trying to get me to stay still so he could get measurements and do some other checks. He told me that the pain was just normal stretching pain, Ha. If I wasn't in so much pain I would of laughed at him. This was not stretching pain that I was feeling, this was the kinda pain that if it was appearing whilst at home I would be calling a ambulance myself.

I seriously think that pain was down to the morphine and after it had worn off the pain went with it. Yeah strange that. As the doctor said himself strong drugs shouldn't be used especially at the stage I was at, maybe he should explain to them downstairs. I was disappointed to find that we were not as far along as we originally thought, with how I've been feeling I kept constantly telling myself I'm nearly at the 'you feel kinda normal but your still not normal' stage. But we were just relived everything was OK, and it was quite amazing to see baby's heart beating away. it has given me something to think about when my head is once again down the toilet. I've also come to the conclusion that none my children just don't want me to enjoy pregnancy, at least this time I cant get gallstones. Yeah watch me get kidney stones now.