Friday, 2 September 2011

Dear so & so

Dear The Man,

Thank you for treating me to a curry last night, I really should of told you that I bought Chinese just days before so this was naughty of me to of accepted. Our monthly take away budget is blown, especially as I bought enough Chinese food to feed a family of 50.

Dear Chinese Man,

You will be seeing quite a lot of me the next several months.

Dear Toddler,

Please in the next several months learn :

How to wee/poop in the potty.
To stay in the big boys bed we are soon giving you.
That you can no longer use bottles.
How to change nappies.. Ok I took it a little too far, though fetching me nappies and wipes when needed will be rather handy.

I know you're going to be the most fantastic big brother, you love other children and you are good at sharing as long as it's not your trains. Mummy is quite nervous about being pregnant whilst dealing with you and any tantrums that may occur so if we can just skip that stage, it would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Bump

How on earth have you got so big already? I can no longer fit into any of my trouser/skirts or anything else. You are rather low down compared to my last one so I might actually have to buy maternity clothes this time. Your Daddy and Auntie Pippa keep teasing me with twins. Seriously bump - twins and a toddler? Think of your mother's hair, she doesn't want it going grey just yet. And I know it's a little early to be asking but please take to my boob when you decided to make a appearance. Your older brother refused and I don't think I could cope with that refusal again. It's good for you and it's free. We especially like the free part to it.

Dear Readers,

Do you like the layout of this blog? I'm feeling that tidy up and a lick of paint here and there is needed. I'm sure this tidying would be much better spent on the house but me and you both know that making a blog pretty is much more fun.

Dear Pinterest,

You are awfully addicted. I now have a Christmas board & bump board added to . You are especially addicted when that wedding photographer Jay Mountford posts stunning seaside shots on . I fear darling pinterest that we may be spending much time together over the next year.

Love me x